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What matters should be paid attention to in the tape printing process?

Time:2020-08-25 Views:2
  1. The proportion of the ink must be changed according to changes in the environment and climate.
  Inappropriate solvent ratio will cause difficulty in ink drying and "false dryness" on the surface. False drying means that the solvent with high volatility in the ink solvent ratio has been volatilized, and the solvent with low volatility has not been completely volatilized. The surface of the ink has dried and crusted. After printing for a period of time, the residual solvent continues to penetrate, causing ink adhesion and decolorization. .
  2, printing speed and drying oven temperature.
   The printing speed should not be too fast. Generally, it is better to control it at 30 meters per minute. The temperature of the drying oven is generally 30 to 40°C. This is to allow the ink solvent to complete curing and volatilization, and to strengthen the ink adhesion fastness.
      3. The environment of the printing workshop
The environment of the printing workshop must ensure a certain humidity (between 60% and 70% is better), good ventilation is required, and the temperature is preferably between 25 and 30°C. An environment that is too dry will cause the film to be difficult to release static electricity, and it is too humid. The environment will make the ink volatilization difficult and the fastness will decrease.
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